How can I find an egg?
It’s really serendipity - If an egg finds you accept the gift!

What if my egg breaks?
When an egg breaks the magic is released and needs to be directed so make a wish! In other words, with your  intention guide the energy in that egg and all your sadness, regret, distress, and love towards a positive outcome. You needed that!

How can I buy an egg?
The eggs are not for sale. They are sentient magical entities, exchanging them for cash or goods will void the magic. The only way to receive one is to have one find you or be given to you. The Guerilla Bunny may have merch or prints available in the near future. You can bring this project to your area if you would like to commission a Guerilla Bunny experiential public event.

How can I be part of the Magic?
Consider starting your own Guerilla Bunny project. Please make an excellent small work of art (egg related in some way), bless it, and place it somewhere in a public area between the Vernal Equinox and Easter. Tag your act/project #guerillabunnyinsertplacenameandyear

How is this project supported?
The Guerilla Bunny is not supported by sales or grants at this time and would appreciate your support. Over 1000 eggs, each taking several hours to paint have been released into the world. That’s tens of thousands of dollars of free art. If you would like to support this project:  Please contact:

Do you know you spelled Guerilla wrong?
The Guerilla Bunny is not a gorilla. Also guerrilla and guerilla are both accepted spellings. “Guerilla” was chosen.

Can I buy Guerilla Bunny merch?
Coming soon.

Can I see the Guerilla Bunny movie?
It is currently being entered in film festivals across the US. It will be available to the public soon.

Can I bring the Guerilla Bunny to my town?
Yes! You can commission a public Guerilla Bunny project for your community with certain parameters. Contact for more information.

Will the Guerilla Bunny strike in Stockbridge again this year?
In 2019 a feeling the Guerilla Bunny and the eggs had been having solidified, it was time to leave the safety and comfort of the lovely town of Stockbridge and the loyal family of annual hunters. The magic of the eggs, they feel, is largely in the surprise, the experience of finding, and the complete lack of context. The eggs are off to explore new territories in a manner that is less like a hunt and more about being a public art experience.